I'm Kacie Wende!

I'm a teacher of young children and adults, woodworker, early childhood advocate, and business owner. Obsessed with: sushi, crafting, and yoga pants. Want more? Read on below!

The idea to create bambino Builders sparked in 2014 while I was working in the early childhood industry. As a teacher, I found myself constantly looking for classroom materials that weren't "Made in China." After researching many options, I stumbled upon a curriculum that involves inclined planes, movement of objects, and provides children with endless possibilities to think and create. The best part about it is no matter where children are at developmentally, they can build, test their structures, make adjustments, and try again until they are successful.

I began to add cardboard tubes, planks, a variety of balls, and cove molding into my classroom learning environment. It was so amazing to watch the children creatively engage with these materials! I could literally see them utilizing skills like problem solving, persistence, and engineering!  The kids were hooked and so was I!

It wasn't long before my husband encouraged me to try and start building some of the ramps I desperately wanted for my classroom, but couldn't afford. At first, he worked closely with me to ensure that I kept all my fingers while working with the heavy machinery in our garage. Once I got the swing of things, I became a building machine (no pun intended...wink, wink). Then, friends in the early childhood industry began to ask me to build them ramps for their classrooms. Soon after, I opened Bambino Builders.